Nigel Radcliffe is a qualified and, arguably, the most experienced addiction treatment professional in the UK.

He now works on his own as a therapist and counsellor, having retired in 2013 from running what is provably Europe’s most successful addiction treatment service at TFL (Transport for London).

Since the late 80s he has worked with alcoholics and addicts in almost every setting from the street to luxury rehabs.

Prior to TFL, Nigel was a Director of Treatment at Priory Hospitals and before that worked in a local drug and alcohol service predominantly with heroin and crack cocaine users.

Nigel Radcliffe at TFL

He has 20 years experience of undertaking child centred assessments for courts and local authorities where children are deemed to be at risk.

Nigel Radcliffe designed and developed London Underground’s drug and alcohol policies and services, which are regarded as state of the art throughout the World. He has lectured and trained in the area of drug and alcohol policies throughout the UK for the last 20 years as well as advising policy makers and appearing on press, radio and TV on numerous occasions.

He is also recognised as an expert witness in areas of substance misuse in the workplace and issues related to employment legislation. Nigel is also renowned as an expert witness in respect of substance misuse and child protection and all issues related to drug and alcohol testing, including interpretation of blood tests.

As well as a counselling practice, and as a result of his long experience in the field, Nigel has developed close personal relationships with a number of major treatment centres and has long experience of managing people through treatment and subsequent aftercare. Should it be required, a number of directors of these treatment services have expressed themselves willing to provide testimonials as to their experience.


  • Diploma in Social Work, Plymouth University, 1980
  • Post Qualifying Certificate in Group Work Practice and Theory, Cambridge University, 1984
  • Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Regent’s College London, 1996
  • Accredited Certification in Addiction Counselling, through Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals (FDAP), 1997
  • Current Member of FDAP
  • Current Member of the Social Work Professional Register

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