Services available include:

  • Basic individual assessment either 1-to-1 or Skype
  • Post residential Skype support
  • Assessments of risk in legal proceedings involving substance misusing parents and their children
  • Reports to the court in relation to child care proceedings
  • Consultancies to social care professionals and probation officers in respect of substance misusing clients
  • Assessments for companies in respect of substance misusing individuals in the work place, with particular emphasis on safety-critical or safety-related occupations
  • Training for health and social care professionals in regard to working with substance misusing individuals, adolescents and families
  • Counselling regarding all addictions


  • People wanting individual drug and alcohol clients wanting counselling
  • Local Authorities wanting advice and consultancy around addicted parents / staff
  • Solicitors requiring independent reports
  • Agencies requiring expert interpretation and advice around drug and alcohol testing
  • Organisations requiring advice and guidance about workplace drug and alcohol policies
  • Organisations requiring management training in regard to implementing policies
  • Treatment centres referring graduates for ongoing support
  • Family members concerned about their relatives
  • People struggling with early sobriety

Fees for services are always negotiable and will take account of client’s circumstances and ability to pay as well as an acknowledgement of the restrictions on public sector finance.